Volume 31 #1

Sisterhood of Ink

When I look back at my time as editor-in-chief of Curve from 2010 to 2020, one of the many pleasures of the job was mentoring writers. Lyndsey D'Arcangelo Prior to Curve I had worked for a decade as an adjunct professor in the liberal arts, teaching university students from freshman…
August 2021
Volume 31 #1

Meet The Curve Foundation’s New Executive Director

Jasmine Sudarkasa is six feet tall with a star that’s been rising for some time. She tells us she comes from “many generations of very tall, very strong, very dark-skinned Black women, and there's a lot of power in that identity, but there's also a lot of danger in that…
June 2021
Updated, Archive Volume 27 #2 & 3

Pride In Politics: How a Curve columnist carried forward 30 years of herstory

For many women, lesbian identity is inherently political. Women loving women strikes a blow against misogyny and is one way of challenging the compulsory heterosexuality of the patriarchy. “Lesbian” is a minority identity, and it often intersects with other marginal identities. Curve’s long-time columnist Victoria A. Brownworth was deeply influenced…
Original article June & Apr/May 2017

The Handmaiden

A psychological thriller ‘The Handmaiden’ from South Korea adapted from a Sarah Waters novel…

December 2020
rocketman elton john

Film Review: Rocketman

The biopic of Elton John hits screens with a truckload of glitter and gumption…

November 2020