I Enjoy Being a Butch

The first thing to know about Phranc is that she’s low-key funny all the time, introducing herself as “Phranc—with a PH and a hard C.” She’s what the French call droll. Phranc has a dry, clever, not-ostentatious wit that just pulls you along through much of what she says and it is, to be honest, delightful. Phranc is delightful… Read more »

February 2024

The Sky’s the Limit for
Ahead of the Curve Movie

It could be the most important documentary about lesbian visibility ever made, achieving the greatest cultural visibility through a film that's all about being seen as an LGBTQ+ woman in the full spectrum of what that means. Ever since its release in June 2020, Ahead of the Curve by Frankly… Read more »
February 2023