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Welcome to the website for America’s most loved and trusted source of information for lesbians, bisexual, transgender, queer women and non-binary folks — the Curve Community.


First issue of Deneuve


Melissa Etheridge cover article


Name changes to Curve after lawsuit


Ellen Degeneres comes out


The L Word airs on Showtime


Franco Stevens sells Curve to Silke Bader


Federal recognition of same sex marriage in the U.S.


Franco buys Curve back and donates it to the Curve Foundation

In 2021, Curve magazine became a not-for-profit project of The Curve Foundation. Curve relaunched digitally with an iconic new look that embodies the rich history and exciting legacy of our community’s stories. Going forward, Curve will draw a throughline between what was happening from the time it launched in the 1990s to what’s happening today for the Curve Community. Curve will fill a critical niche by providing a way to understand our history – a portal into the hard-won lessons from our past that can inform our actions into the future. Curve will bring the archive to life and making it accessible in service of preserving and communicating the history of our movement to empower today’s leaders.

Visit our searchable living archive, a remarkable storehouse of our culture and advancements since 1991. Relive our many milestones and achievements, or if you are new to our community, catch up on the last 30 years of ‘herstory.’ The Curve Archive is a developing project that preserves our collective history as published in back issues of Deneuve and Curve magazines for past generations and those to come.

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If you would like to support Curve and contribute to a permanent place in mainstream culture for LGBTQ+ women, please visit the donation page at The Curve Foundation. If you are passionate about Curve and would like to donate your skillset or time to keeping the community powerful and connected, please contact The Curve Foundation.