Volume 31 #1

Curve Comes Home

Franco Stevens came on the Bay Area scene in the late-1980s, eager to immerse herself in the lesbian community she knew existed there. She went to A Different Light bookstore in the Castro looking for a magazine that would connect her to San Francisco’s vibrant lesbian scene only to be told that no such publication existed. She took a job at this same bookstore, and met other women hungry for the same sort of magazine…

April 2021
Updated, Archive Volume 3 #6

The Iconic Melissa Etheridge

There is perhaps no other celebrity who is as iconic in our community as Melissa Etheridge. We looked to her to see how it was done. Somehow she managed to remain true to herself while becoming a super-famous rockstar, all the while singing about loving another woman in all its heartrending glory…

Original article December 1993
Updated, Archive Volume 4 #2

From The Soul: Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell Ndegeocello landed on the April 1994 cover of Deneuve magazine just two years into a musical career that has seen her showered with critical acclaim, 10 Grammy nominations, and credit for sparking the neo-soul music movement. The wide-ranging, explosive, unapologetic, and joyful cover story helped set…

Original article April 1994
Updated, Archive Volume 6 #3

The Queen Of Butch: Lea Delaria

Question: What does a lesbian bring on a second date? Answer: A U-Haul. Most Curve readers would remember the first time they heard that joke, and it was probably around the same time they heard of stand-up comic Lea DeLaria — because Lea wrote that joke and regularly performed it…
Original article June 1996
Updated, Archive Volume 4 #6

Jewelle In The Crown

The women who gravitated towards Curve were often so unique and multitalented that it was entirely possible a lesbian might be both the subject of one article — and the author of another! Jewelle Gomez is one such lesbian…

Original article December 1994

SONiA disappear fear ~ A Concert For LESBiAN ViSiBiLiTY DAY

SONiA disappear fear has been an out lesbian since the earliest days of her career, when she chose to refuse changing the pronouns in her songs to fit popular music’s mainstream mold of girl-loves-boy narratives, opting instead for loud and proud declarations of sexual, spiritual and artistic independence…

April 2021

Ellen Degeneres’ Gay Tylenol?

On last weeks show, Ellen Degeneres, read a peculiar headline that stated “Gay People More Likely To Get Migraines.”…

March 2021