SONiA disappear fear ~ A Concert For LESBiAN ViSiBiLiTY DAY

SONiA disappear fear by Lea Morales

SONiA disappear fear has been an out lesbian since the earliest days of her career, when she chose to refuse changing the pronouns in her songs to fit popular music’s mainstream mold of girl-loves-boy narratives, opting instead for loud and proud declarations of sexual, spiritual and artistic independence.

Currently, SONiA disappear fear has 21 award winning albums including first round Grammy entries. For Pride Month 2020, SONiA disappear fear released Love Out Loud, a compilation of her best loved LGBT songs – an album she hopes to finally tour in front of live audiences later this year. Love Out Loud will also be the focus of SONiA’s concert for Lesbian Visibility Day.

Her talent of writing in a variety of genres and languages has garnered SONiA disappear fear a vast following worldwide. Her awards include 6 GLAMAs (incl. Female Artist of the Year), GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian American Anti Defamation) Award for Best Album (previous recipient Elton John), Coin Of Honor from a joint coalition of the United States Military for her humanitarian efforts and the Spirit of Folk Music Award from Folk Alliance International. Never wavering in her humanitarian approach, SONiA continues to deliver what she has always done best: powerful songs that challenge injustice, performed with passion and hope.

“I came out in my music because I knew there were thousands if not millions of little Sonias out there who were choking off the beauty of their souls by not being true to themselves and their sexuality. I know firsthand what it is like to hide your sexuality, and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.” ~ SONiA disappear fear

Who: SONiA disappear fear + special guest

When: 8pm EST on Monday, 4/26/2021 (Lesbian Visibility Day)

Where: Facebook livestream from Baltimore (free)