The Revival: Women And The Word

Documentary: The Revival: Women And The Word

Directed by queer filmmaker Sekiya Dorsett, The Revival: Women and the World follows a group of five queer women of colour, poets and musicians, as they make a documentary on a Kickstarter-funded tour of bars and living rooms in the US and Canada…

October 2020
The Freedom To Marry

Documentary: The Freedom To Marry

The Freedom To Marry is an important, epic yet intimate, behind-the-scenes documentary traces the decades-long marriage equality movement, and sheds light on the true architects of arguably the greatest civil rights movement of our time as they embark on the battle to win same-sex marriage across the United States…

September 2020
third gender

A New Film About Third Gender

Journey with Lauren Lubin as she pioneers ultimate gender awareness for the LGBT community and herself, transitioning from female to gender neutral…

September 2020
Super Studs

Let The Mighty Kings Reign

A new documentary film examines the lives and attitudes among the North Carolina LGBT and African-American drag king circuit…

August 2020