The Revival: Women And The Word

Documentary: The Revival: Women And The Word

Directed by queer filmmaker Sekiya Dorsett, The Revival: Women and the World follows a group of five queer women of colour, poets and musicians, as they make a documentary on a Kickstarter-funded tour of bars and living rooms in the US and Canada… Read more »

October 2020
The Freedom To Marry

Documentary: The Freedom To Marry

The Freedom To Marry is an important, epic yet intimate, behind-the-scenes documentary traces the decades-long marriage equality movement, and sheds light on the true architects of arguably the greatest civil rights movement of our time as they embark on the battle to win same-sex marriage across the United States… Read more »

September 2020
third gender

A New Film About Third Gender

Journey with Lauren Lubin as she pioneers ultimate gender awareness for the LGBT community and herself, transitioning from female to gender neutral… Read more »

September 2020