Shaley Howard

The Power Of Pride And Visibility

As a cis female butch lesbian who’s been out for over twenty years, I’m pretty fucking secure and confident in who I am…

October 2020
third gender

A New Film About Third Gender

Journey with Lauren Lubin as she pioneers ultimate gender awareness for the LGBT community and herself, transitioning from female to gender neutral…

September 2020

What Does It Mean To Be Cisgender

The term “cisgender” refers to people whose gender identity and expression matches the biological sex they were assigned when they were born…

July 2019
cic gender

Sisterhood: Cis And Trans Integration

Do you stand on your own biological privilege to push people away, or do you accept a bit of discomfort into your life for the sake of another…

February 2019
Understanding Intersex

Understanding Intersex

The “I” is often added to our community’s acronym of LGBTQI, but what is it, what causes it, and how is it related to sexual preference? A lesbian shares her experience of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and genital surgery…

January 2019