Volume 32 #1

Charting Our Herstory, Changing Our Future:
A Reporter’s Notebook

As a journalist, I live within the daily cycle of politics and I show how it inextricably shapes history. For lesbians, this goes well beyond that famous George Santayana quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” How does our history—herstory—mesh with our political reality… Read more »

October 2022
Dare Me

Queer Thriller: Dare Me

USA’s simmeringly queer “Dare Me” is one of the best series currently on TV. Based on Megan Abbott’s best-selling novel of the same name and written and executive produced by Abbott, it is dark, darker, darkest… Read more »

February 2020

Headcase By Stephanie Schroeder

Headcase is a groundbreaking collection of personal reflections and artistic representations illustrating the intersection of mental wellness, mental illness, and LGBTQ identity, as well as the lasting impact of historical views equating queer and trans identity with mental illness… Read more »

October 2019
Lyra McKee

Lesbian Activist Lyra McKee Killed By Terrorists

Lyra McKee was an independent journalist and an in-your-face LGBT activist who took on the Catholic Church and stared down rioters with equal courage.On April 18 Lyra McKee was shot to death in what police called a “terrorist act.”… Read more »

April 2019