woman farting

Binding A Relationship

It was inevitable. One of us farted in front of the other. I don’t know who started it and I refuse to names names or blame either of us specifically…

September 2020

If You See Something, Say Something

I’ve sloughed off several lovers in my life because of the bad—and often abusive—treatment at the hands of these so-called girlfriends…

July 2020
Kitchen Table Women of Color Press2

Is Lesbian Culture Obsolete?

A recent Telegraph article referred to as the “female sperm” news, has got the lesbian community buzzing about creating families without bio-men, exalted as a lifelong lesbian dream come true, getting lesbians excited about being “baby daddies”, etc…

July 2020
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Nothing Less Than Wonderful

My girlfriend and I have decided—or perhaps we decided somewhat by default quite a while ago, which is why we are still together—we don’t need a relationship that is less than wonderful. …

July 2020
hooked-up blog

A Sexy Redhead?

Read the latesest Blog By Stephanie Schroeder…

December 2018

Hands-On Healing

An Eastern practice gave Lisa O’Shea the energy she was seeking…

December 2012