Out Comedian Pat Brown Releases Debut Album

Named Best Female Comic at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, out comedian Pat Brown will release her debut stand-up comedy album, Sex Tape.

As a seasoned stand-up performer and comedy writer, Pat’s style can be summed up as a smart playfulness wrapped in social commentary.

She finds humor in both the small: routines of her daily life, and the big: complexities of human behavior.

Sex Tape lives up to its name; it is a revealing, satisfying look inside the world of a comic who deftly comments on race, sexuality and New York’s overabundance of parades with a razor wit.

As an Atlanta transplant in New York, Pat recognized quickly that in order for the New York comedy scene to truly see what she’s capable of, she had to release her own version of a sex tape: a no-holds-barred peek into everything Pat Brown.