The First Lesbian Memoir From Nigeria By Unoma Azuah

Unoma Azuah’s Embracing My Shadow, the first lesbian memoir from Nigeria, is an inspiring testimony suffused in sensuality that illustrates how a young woman can find oases of erotic love even within a severely homophobic society…

February 2021

Traveling The Two-Lane By Marilyn Berman

Traveling the Two-Lane, by Marilyn Berman, is the best kind of travel memoir, one in which the author reveals as much about her inner journey as the landscape she’s passing through…

November 2020
Elizabeth McCain

A Lesbian Belle Tells By Elizabeth McCain

Based on Elizabeth McCain’s award-winning one-woman play, A Lesbian Belle Tells: OUTrageous Southern Stories of Family, Loss, and Love, this riveting memoir will captivate readers with her true tales of growing up in Mississippi, coming out in DC as a lipstick lesbian, experiencing family rejection, and finding lasting love and belonging…

June 2020

Untethered By Hayley Katzen

When urban academic Hayley Katzen moves to a remote Australian cattle property to live with her farmer girlfriend, she hopes, at last, to find home…

May 2020