Shopping’ a Short film-reviews by Peter A. Cross

A story of unspoken love and missed opportunities between two women. Finding out that it’s never too late to let love in, even if it takes a lifetime.

The six minute short film-reviews, 'Shopping' by Peter A. Cross, is about two women who meet as children and fall in love without ever saying a word to each other.

Brought together by one girl’s fascination with the other’s bracelet, the two women embark on a lifelong journey of missed opportunities and loving each other from afar.

The women meet and re-meet in the same grocery store as they age and the decades begin to pass. The bracelet acts as a symbol of their desire, connection and love, but the time continues to slip away.

From children, to young adults and then women with their own families and children, it’s not until the women are aged and old that they are finally ready to let love in. Without a single word, in their final meeting at the grocery store, the women embrace each other and hold hands.

‘Shopping’ is a captivating short film-reviews that has you hoping that they will connect each time they meet in the grocery store. It’s themes of love, longing, fear and the passing of time has created a beautiful story between two women who finally learnt to love.

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