New Video Shines Light On LGBTI Domestic Violence

Survivors of domestic or family violence (DFV) in the LGBTI* community are hoping to increase awareness of the issue and help others by sharing their stories in a new online video

Produced by ACON, NSW's leading HIV and LGBTI* health organisation, Tales From The Other Side includes five inspiring personal stories of DFV, challenges myths about DFV in LGBTI relationships, identifies sources of support for LGBTI people experiencing DFV, and gives practical advice for DFV support services. 

Funded by the Aurora Group, Tales FromThe Other Side also identifies behaviours and dynamics that are unique to DFV in an LGBTI context such as using ‘outing’ as a method of control and isolation from LGBTI friends and communities.  Other examples can include verbal abuse related to gender identity, controlling medication or access to other treatments and ridiculing the expressions of sexuality, gender or intersex.   

The video targets community, health and domestic violence service providers, including the NSW Police Force, LGBTI communities and allies.  

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill says the video provides a focus for LGBTI people to talk about a serious health issue: “Tales From The Other Side will help raise awareness of DFV among LGBTI people while giving mainstream services an opportunity to learn more about how to positively work with community members seeking help.”  

NSW Police Corporate Sponsor for Sexuality & Gender Diversity Superintendent Tony Crandell says the NSW Police Force supports any initiative that raises awareness of domestic violence:  “Domestic and family violence is an issue for all communities but we know there are some extra challenges for many LGBTIQ people in seeking help and reporting to police. The tales depicted in this video reinforce the important role police play in addressing domestic violence and that early reporting is the key to minimising harm.”

NSW’s Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC) runs the Safe Relationships Project which is a court support and legal advice service for LGBTIQ people experiencing or escaping DFV. ICLC Director Dan Stubbs says: "I believe that Tales From The Other Side will not only support LGBTIQ communities to keep talking about DFV but it clearly tells us that DFV is real, it exists in our communities, this is what it can look like and legal support is available.”

Tales from the Other Side forms part of a broader social marketing and health promotion campaign addressing domestic and family violence in the LGBTI community including ACON’s recently launched StandUP campaign that informs, supports and empowers LGBTI people to offer support when they see the signs of domestic violence among their friends and in their community.