Thorn by Anna Burke - Book Review

Thorn By Anna Burke

Thorn is a lesbian feminist fairy-tale with a vengeance, highlighting the power and vulnerability of women, the expectations of society and the literal battles, both emotional and physical, that women fight to be themselves… Read more »

September 2020

Sleepwater Static By Kathrin Hutson

They say home is where the heart is. Now that Sleepwater’s on the run, home is just another place to hide.Wyoming’s Sleepwater chapter is on the run, hunted for their ability to spin a beat… Read more »

June 2020
sleepwater beat

Sleepwater Beat By Kathrin Hutson

Leo could always make people believe anything she says—really believe. When her chest burns and the words come from her mouth, her targets’ eyes glaze over, they forget their own thoughts, and they’ll do anything she says. It’s what keeps her alive after being on the run and living on the streets for years… Read more »

June 2020