Scandinavia’s Arctic Anticipation

Scandinavia's Arctic Anticipation

Discover this snow-tastic secret getaway.

Winter’s nearly over, but the original Icehotel in Sweden is anticipating next year with the opening of the design competition for next winter’s suites. The annual design competition of Sweden’s Icehotel attracts two hundred applications from international professionals across numerous creative disciplines. Around twenty successful applications are selected by a panel of judges and invited to Jukkasjärviin Sweden’s Arctic Circle in November to participate in building the hotel.

The aim of the competition is to distinguish the hotel through its ever-changing suites, which are in themselves works of art, all made from locally-hewn blocks of ice.

To take a sneak peek inside a previous Ice Hotel incarnations, check out the winning entry for the Icehotel’sArt & Design Suites in 2009-10. Created by the New York Citybased design team of Andre Landeros Michel and Dennis Rolland, this winning “Gotham on Ice” offered a tribute to Manhattan’s famous skyline and culture.

Follow the American designers on their ice extravaganza, and get inspired to book you own adventure here

More info available on, design concept submissions close 7 May 2015.