Film Review: Cloudburst

Cloudburst - Award Winning Feature film-reviews Comes to Australia

A compelling and original Canadian film Cloudburst is about an elderly lesbian couple forced to embark on a road trip that will forever change their lives.

Winner of 30 Best Picture Awards, Canadian feature film Cloudburst, has enjoyed sold out screenings at film festivals all around the world and is coming to Australia on 11 July 2013.

Cloudburst stars Academy Award winners Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker, and is directed by Thom Fitzgerald (Hanging Garden).

Cloudburst is a romantic comedy that tackles some of contemporary life’s biggest issues. Stella and Dot have been together for 31 years, faithfully accompanying one another through life’s ups and downs.

Now in their seventies and with Dot legally blind, they are forced to make a bold decision when Dot’s granddaughter Molly decides to intervene in their lives. Forced to become outlaws, Stella and Dot hit the road to Nova Scotia, Canada to get legally married.

Along the way, they pick up young hitchhiker Prentice, on his way home to see his dying mother.  With equal parts humour and grace, Cloudburst explores life, death and love through the eyes of this unusual trio.

Olympia Dukakis is an actress, director, producer, teacher, activist and author, and is “a force of nature in this performance” says Coast Magazine. Her resume includes a multitude of film, theatre and television credits and won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Moonstruck (1987).

Brenda Fricker is an acclaimed stage, television and film actress. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1990 for her role in My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown.

This film is one that is definitely worth seeing and according to What Culture UK is “One of the most original and compelling road movies in years.”

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