True Romance

What does a healthy, committed, longterm lesbian relationship look like, beyond the hearts and flowers? Ask an older lesbian… Read more »

March 2021
Cloudburst - Award Winning Feature film-reviews Comes to Australia

Film Review: Cloudburst

A compelling and original Canadian film,Cloudburst,is about an elderly lesbian couple forced to embark on a road trip that will forever change their lives… Read more »

October 2020
Greta Scacchi

The Women Over 50 Film Festival

The Women over 50 Film Festival (WOFFF) is an international film festival aiming to redress the age and gender imbalance older women face in the film industry… Read more »

September 2020
long lived lesbian

How Do You Define Lesbian’?

What I’ve learnt in more than two decades is that I can’t define anyone else’s orientation, and my own lesbian identity seems less rigid than it once was… Read more »

September 2020