Ani DiFranco And Melissa Etheridge Perform On Infinity Hall

Ani DiFranco

The award-winning national music series Infinity Hall Live kicked off its fifth anniversary season in July. Produced by Connecticut Public Television, the series features some of today’s most intriguing established and emerging artists including Melissa Etheridge and Ani DiFranco.

The eight 60-minute episodes were filmed at various Infinity Hall Live venues in Connecticut, including the brand new state-of-the-art Infinity Hall Hartford, the 1883 jewel box, Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, and the Warner Theatre in Torrington.

These venues allow the artists to create a very personal environment where every move and every note can be taken in by the viewer. All of the guest artists deliver honest interviews off stage to create a closer bond with the audiences.

Pure and passionate performances by serious artists allow the music to be the focus of Infinity Hall Live.

DIY folk-rock icon Ani DiFranco brings her razor-sharp lyrical content, masterful percussive guitar playing and spirited vocals to the stage for her Infinity Hall Live performance.

Fan favorites are paired with the politically-charged “Which Side Are You On” and “Crime For Crime” in a celebration of DiFranco’s fierce spirit.

Episode eight welcomes Melissa Etheridge and her iconic voice.  With a wardrobe of guitars, Etheridge makes for a riveting solo performance of her greatest hits.

Audiences will also preview her upcoming Stax/Volt covers album as well as “Pulse”, her very emotional song of healing written days before in response to the Orlando tragedy.