Queens Of Laughter On Tour

Poppy Champlin, the champion of queer comedy, is headed to the Lone Star State this September.

Queer Queens of Qomedy unique comedy revue that has long celebrated and supported the rich field of lesbian stand-up comedy. Helmed by the queer queen of comedy herself, Poppy Champlin, the QQQ’s continue to tour the country, poking into every state’s nook and cranny with a bill of outrageously talented and funny lesbian ladies.

We caught up with the QQQ producer and internationally known comedian, Poppy Champlin, in between her hectic summer of comedy gigs, to discuss her upcoming Texas tour, how she selects the best lesbian comics from across the country to join her at each venue, and what those longhorns can expect from her long tongue.

Queer Queens of Qomedy is getting bigger and better each month. To what do you owe its success?

Q3 is continuously growing and gaining wider appeal. The more we do it, the more people know about it and the more it is a sought after event to go see.

It is always delivers a standing ovation performance with A plus comedians. Plus when you spend the night with the queer queens you get to sit amongst your peers and laugh for two hours.

It is a social event and an uplifting one at that. The humor is always heart warming and good for the soul.

The next big gig for you is a 5-day Texas run in September. Everything is bigger in Texas, but seriously, why Texas?

I think I picked Texas because I was booked into Tempe AZ. and was looking for something else close by, and since I am terrible with geography I thought Texas would be good. Actually, the other comic Sandra Valls said she had some peeps in Austin that wanted to see her and suggested a few places, so I looked into it and presto, now we are going to four places in Texas and one in AZ.

Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas: that’s quite the tour: can you give us a taste of some of the material you’ll be performing for our Texan friends?

Well I will be doing my hosting, which includes relationship humor, song parodies, some political stuff—not much—just observations about Texas, like the way the REP are stripping away our rights by taking away the last legal abortion clinic.

It says in the Bible that a woman shall be able to choose, Fallopians 3:17. I never had any children, too much pain. I said forget that—I’m gay. If I want to have a kid I’ll make one on my 3d printer. Who’s the father? Hewlett Packard.

You’ll be performing with Vickie Shaw, Sandra Valls and Scout Durwood. Why these Queens in particular and what unique charms do they each bring to the shows?

Well Vickie is from Texas so it makes sense that I put her on the show—I mean let’s talk oranges to oranges. She has that long Texan drawl and just thinks like a Texan.

She has that Southern hospitality air about her, but then shocks you with some of the things she is really thinking and doing and saying. She says she is a mother and a grandmother and just happens to be gay.

People say, You don’t look gay and she says, I Iook gay when I am having sex with my partner. She is great! And Sandra is also from Texas and will be representing the Latino side of Texas.

She is a hot spicy Latin comic full of vim and vigor and I picked her because Latinos make up a large part of the population there. She was born in Laredo. I am the only one who really doesn’t’ fit into the equation perfectly. So the show will be well represented.