Hip Hop Artist Iggy Azalea: ‘The New Classic’

Iggy Azalea "The New Classic" Young Aussie taking over hip hop.

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Uh Huh Her’s ‘Future Souls’

Uh Huh Her's latest offering "Future Souls" is clear evidence of why Hailey is so much more than just the famous Alice Pieszcki

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Little Wise - Sweet Rain Falling EP

Sweet Rain Falling By Little Wise

Solidifying Australian folk, Little Wise's latest offering is one for the music collection.

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Pale Honey's Latest Album

Artist Spotlight: Pale Honey

Here comes some big rock with Pale Honey!

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Hanna Brewer and Austin Band

Hanna Brewer And Austin Band ‘Purple’

Purple Gets Lucky With “Thirteen”

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Mojo Juju

Music Review: Seeing Red / Feeling Blue By Mojo Juju

With an uptown funk style and groove, Juju is defying expectations.

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Queer Aussie Musician Megan Bernard Releases Debut Music Video

Queer Aussie Musician Megan Bernard

Watch this music video from queer Australian pop artist Megan Bernard 

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Music Review: ‘Ellis Bell’ By The Cold And Lovely

The slick electro rock from this L.A. band The Cold And Lovely will have you wishing for more than just the tight six tracks found on this E.P.

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Karmen Buttler - Daze of Love

Music Pick: ‘Daze Of Love’ By Karmen Buttler

13 easy listening tracks by Karmen Buttler to propel you into absolute bliss!

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Empowerment Through Fashion And Community

An in-depth reflection on Oakland's Queer Fashion Week

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