Artist Spotlight: Pale Honey

Pale Honey's Latest Album

Here comes some big rock with Pale Honey!

Labeled as minimalistic rock Pale Honey give us a solid offering with a throw back to classic 90’s grunge with their self-titled LP release.

Stooped with rocker girl attitude this Swedish duo introduce us to their sound with “Over Your Head” and is followed up with the up tempo “Fish” including psychedelic sounding guitar riffs.

The single “Youth” is a rocking anthem, starting as a slow guitar plucking exercise with the soft vocals all the while building to the climatic chorus with ripping guitar chords.

This is a slacker anthem that hints at the past influences of 1990’s grunge rock and the classic band Garbage.

Perhaps this is important given these two women can rock it with the best men out there. Rocking this one out is Tuva Lodmark on guitar and vocals and Nelly Daltrey on drums.

“Fiction” is hands down a cool sound with a great off beat in the opening bars that sounds like a cow bell  – sadly I’m stumped and couldn’t pick the instrument – help me out in the comments!

Pale Honey have delivered the goods with this rock EP leaving the heavy synth-pop Swedish sound behind.