Traveling The Two-Lane By Marilyn Berman

Traveling the Two-Lane, by Marilyn Berman, is the best kind of travel memoir, one in which the author reveals as much about her inner journey as the landscape she’s passing through.

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Marie Corbett is a retired and living with her wife in Florida

Good Judgement: Amy Coney Barrett Should Honor Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Dying Wish

Judge Barrett could request an adjournment, and restore confidence in SCOTUS

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Kate Reid

Kate Reid Is Doin’ It For The Chicks (Part 4)

Music opens us up to a new way of understanding.

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Long-Lived Lesbian Fight For Legal Marriage

We were together for fourteen years, almost all of them spent in Australia, because she couldn’t get more than a six-month visa to come to the USA, and she wasn’t allowed to work here.

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Kate Reid Is Doing It for the Chicks (Part 2)

Singer-songwriter/educator Kate Reid told LLL in part one of the interview how she came to write her concept CD Queer Across Canada, and why she has pink hair.

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long lived lesbian

How Do You Define Lesbian’?

What I’ve learnt in more than two decades is that I can’t define anyone else’s orientation, and my own lesbian identity seems less rigid than it once was

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Pam Walton

Lesbian Lives On Screen: Filmmaker Pam Walton On Art, Aesthetics, And Aging (part two)

In [part one], Pam Walton talked to LLL about her award for her latest film, Triptych: 3 Women Making Art.

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Remembering Jeanne Cordova: Long-Lived Lesbian, Activist And Friend

Jeanne Cordova made the world a better place for lesbians.

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Lesbian Lives On Screen: Filmmaker Pam Walton On Art, Aesthetics, And LGBT Retirement

Their recent film, Triptych: 3 Women Making Art, was nominated for the 2014 “feature filmmaker” award for a film of more than 30 minutes – and it won! 

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BOLDfest: The New Michigan? (Part two)

Dragonboating is a microcosm of the BOLD experience; pushing yourself hard and doing something different.

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