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Happily Ever After?

Will same-sex marriage alter divorce rates?

Not So GLAAD In Hollywood

GLAAD finds films that have been released by seven of the largest studios lack LGBT images with offensive content.

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Getting The Scoop In New Lesbian Cinema

Outfest LA just wrapped and we have a first hand look at a hot new lesbian film that is sure to make it into your DVD collection.

Fort Wayne Pride Festival

Two day event at Headwaters Park, Fort Wayne, IN

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Pride Parade

It's a long walk to unhidden identity.

Deep Color Roots You Can't See

Why does the colour of our skin have to define us so strictly?

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Our Money, Our Selves: LLL Luna Jaffe on Wild Money (part two)

“The problem with long-lived lesbians is that they really suck at money.”

Keeping Wet...Inside

Hydration Is Essential!

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Let The Mighty Kings Reign

A new documentary film examines the lives and attitudes among the North Carolina LGBT and African-American drag king circuit.

Iggy Azalea –The New Classic

Young Aussie taking over hip hop.

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Horoscope - August

Although the temperature is rising, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cuddle and raise your own heat index this summer.

Woman Power

A new series of workshops aims to help women increase their financial intelligence.

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Rev. Irene

Rev'd Up

Presbyterian Church Crawling Toward Marriage Equality

From "a man and a woman" to "two people".


Comedy Corner

The Queer Queens of Qomedy

A Woman's Right to Choose

Gay is God's birth control.


Reading Lounge Ramblings

The Curvaceous Read

How To Write A Book Review – An Author’s Perspective

You think reviewing a book is easier than writing one? Think again.


Romantic Fiction

Not all who wander are lost

The Concert

Friday Evening...


Mr. Mom

Mr. Mom navigates the world of motherhood while raising her daughter as a stay-at-home mom

Toys Don’t Make the Girl

The types of toys kids play with don’t dictate their sexuality



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