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Ne-Yo Protégée Releases First Single "Lesbian"

Two words: disrespectful and derogatory.

How I Met Your Mother…At the Oscars

Another check off the bucket list for Neil Patrick Harris.

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The Lesbian Herstory Archives Celebrates 40 Years!

From October through December 2014, the celebration of a herstoric collective.

Burlesque Beauties Bare the Boobs in NYC

Wasabassco Burlesque troupe invites you to Brooklyn for their 10th anniversary extravaganza on November 8th.

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The “Real” Thing

What makes real lesbian writing?

What Lesbian Doesn't Froth Over a Great Backpack?

Will Leather Goods have got you covered!

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The Game Has Changed

Why LGBT athletes have nothing to fear and everything to gain from sponsors.

Winter Strategies

Fighting off the "Here comes winter" blues.

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Ne-Yo Protégée Releases First Single "Lesbian"

Two words: disrespectful and derogatory.

Ria Mae – Clothes Off

After this you may just want to take your clothes off!

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Tax Advice for Newlyweds

What does the Supreme Court same-sex marriage appeal denial mean for same-sex couple tax filers?

Do You Have 11 Protons? Cause You’re Sodium Fine

Secrets of sexual chemistry.

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Comedy Corner

The Queer Queens of Qomedy

Time to Cruise—Time to Eat

Women’s Week Oct 10-19th, Provincetown.


Rev. Irene

Rev'd Up

African American Sisters Aging with HIV and Co-Morbidities

HIV self management is nothing short of difficult.


Dr. Frankie's Love Seat

Dr. Frankie Bashan

"Lesbian Bed Death"

When love isn't enough...


Reading Lounge Ramblings

The Curvaceous Read

Creative Coitus Interruptus

Or, why waiting for feedback on your manuscript is the worst part of a novelist’s job.


Romantic Fiction

Not all who wander are lost

Emotional Nightmare

Never again, I won't fight for this anymore...


Mr. Mom

Mr. Mom navigates the world of motherhood while raising her daughter as a stay-at-home mom

The Myth Of The Tiger Mom

Why aggressive parenting isn’t always the best approach.



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