Winners of the 2024 Curve Photo Contest

Former Curve magazine editors-in-chief Merryn Johns and Diane Anderson-Minshall have a conversation about a pivotal Curve cover story.

We put out an open call to submit original images and we were delighted by the richness, diversity, and quality received. Submissions were not limited to lesbian-identifying cisgender people and we encouraged queer women, trans, non-binary, and others to participate. Three winners and two honorable mentions were chosen by The Curve Foundation team based on creativity, self-expression, and representation. Winners will be awarded a Polaroid camera, and of course publication here! All submissions will be proudly displayed in a special digital exhibition on our Curve Archive website that will be launched during Pride.

Photo By: Charlotte Domingo & Emma Cortijo

First Place


EMMA CORTIJO (she/her)

This is what a Black queer looks like

In my journey to self-discovery, I struggled to understand the intersection of my differing identities. For a long time, I identified myself with models that didn’t resemble me. At 20, I left home and began to discover my womanhood. As I grew into my authentic self, I accepted my queerness. Later in my young adult life I experienced a racial awakening, which allowed me to acknowledge the racism and microaggressions that had affected me throughout my life. I am a black queer woman. Once acknowledging my intersectionality, I discovered a community of black and queer women that I longed for. This project allowed me to celebrate my communities and bring needed representation to a world that lacks it.

In this photo, you can witness a Black queer couple engaged in a gentle kiss, their eyes closed as they surrender to one another’s love. My intention was to capture the profound trust shared between these two.

Instagram: @charlottedomingos_

Photo By: Tee Waite

Second Place

TEE WAITE (they/them)

This is what a trans masc looks like

A portrait of my friend Sammy dressed in a 1700s pirate costume. to remind people of lesbian/trans history portraying trans people that arent ever seen.

A young trans masc sat on a stool wearing a blue 1700s pirate costume, looking strong and daring to look through the cameras lens.

Instagram: @tee.waite

Photo By: Alenya Joy

Third Place

ALENYA JOY (she/her/they/them)

This is what a bisexual dancer looks like

This is a photo of a good friend and my favorite model. She just earned a masters degree in dance and is a fierce advocate for body positivity and inclusion in the world of dance.

A gorgeous woman in a red dress being worshipped by the sun.


Photo By: Luka Fisher

Honorable Mention

LUKA FISHER (she/her)

This is what a trans woman looks like

This photo was shot by Kayla Tange as part of our ongoing practice of documenting each others lives. This photo was shot after getting FFS to affirm my identity as a queer woman of the trans experience.

Instagram: @lukafisher

Photo By: Leslie Chase

Honorable Mention

LESLIE CHASE (she/her)

This is what a “Two-Spirit” Lesbian looks like

This is what being native means to me.

Instagram: @lesliechase56