hooked-up blogMy gal came back from the Western U.S. to one very eager Hooked-Up blogger!

I was waiting for her at her apartment in Bushwick. When she came through the door at about 8:30 a.m., she was exhausted, not just form an overnight flight, but also from dealing with her family.

I huddled her into bed for a much-needed nap. When she awoke, our mutual pent up desire led us into hot, steamy raucous sex. We were fucking for hours and there was even a little canoodling and cooing that we were glad to see and hold each other again.

Now neither of us is big on canoodling or cooing, but two weeks is a bit of time. In the time she had been gone I had had a few new articles published in various publications, received some new and interesting writing gigs and had several run-in and near misses with the public assistance bureaucracy and city apparatchnik as surreal as any Kafka story.

We shared stories of each our own (mis)adventures. I ended up having an anti-Valentine’s Day brunch with a mutual friend at her SoHo apartment, a single gal who termed me a “Valentine widow”. She cooked me eggs and made some excellent sourdough toast. I brought fresh squeezed tangerine juice and a healthy appetite.

My girlfriend went to family event after family event. Her mom is Italian and my girlfriend has so many aunts and uncles, including on her (deceased) father’s side of the family, she was shuttled to meal after meal, visit after visit when all she really wanted (and needed) to do is write and take care of various business.

I spent that night and we were horny as hell. I happen to like major penetration and hard fucking, but really only with fingers—dildos give me cramps. I dunno why, but I do know that fingers conform nicely to the contours of my vaginal wall and make for a better and more forceful (and satisfying) orgasm.

My gal has recently discovered that she likes regular penetration and with dildos. So I gladly obliged. We fucked for quite a while—until her whole loft-bed smelled like pussy.

“Welcome home,” I smiled, “welcome home.”

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