Women’s Bean Project

Mother’s Day gifts that also give a helping hand to women.

What if you could help others rebuild their lives simply by shopping for gourmet gift items and jewelry?  For twenty-five years, the Women’s Bean Project has offered this opportunity through their signature food line and assortment of hand-made jewelry. 


A nationally-recognized social enterprise, The Women’s Bean Project employs chronically poor women who are unable to find and maintain employment due to lack of education, recovering from substance abuse, or past incarcerations.  These women, many who are single mothers on public assistance, complete hands-on job training, learn life skills, and are given the chance to earn a steady paycheck manufacturing food items and jewelry.  These products are then sold online and in stores across the United States to support the Women’s Bean Project’s programs.  Seventy percent of the revenue needed to fund this program comes directly from the sale of these items.


The United States has a greater poverty gap between men and women than any other country in the Western World.  This Mother’s Day, consider a gift that also gives a helping hand to women who have suffered from chronic unemployment and poverty.  You can purchase items from the Women’s Bean Project and support their life-building programs by going to their website at www.womensbeanproject.com. You can also find their products on Amazon.com, Overstock.com, and Walmart.com.


The unique Jewelry sold from Women’s Bean Project is handcrafted in conjunction with jewelry designers Franki Morales Cook and Ashley Schenkein working with program participants. The selection includes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets ranging in price from $7.50 to $35. Each piece is a limited edition and comes in a variety of styles, including a line of Inspiration Necklaces.


Their line of gourmet food items include signature soups, chili, salsa mixes, spice rubs, cookie and brownie mixes,  and even treats for your dog.  Many of these items are under $10 and some as low as $3.95. They offer tasteful gift baskets, including the beautifully-presented Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket which includes Chocolate Brownie Mix, Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jewels, and other chocolate delights. There is even a line of gluten-free items for those with specific dietary needs or preferences. 


Most anyone can shop for a Mother’s Day gift, but not everyone can find a gift that also offers hope and a chance at new stability to other women. Keep the Women’s Bean Project in mind while shopping for the special women in your life.