Watch: Dr. Susan Love on Realizing She Was Gay

The medical pioneer who’s greatly paved the path for breast cancer research and prevention discusses her switch from men to women


Dr. Susan Love is one of the most respected women in the medical field, not only for her contribution in the advancements of research for breast cancer, but also, for the many women who are survivors, battlers and allies that seek support. After she became the first woman General Surgeon in Boston back in 1980, she was determined to keep women informed and provide breast cancer facilities, two of which are in Boston and L.A.

In part with Makers, an initiative to archive moments in herstory where women like Love have been blazing the trails for a better future, she describes the unique (and humorous) moment when she realized it was perfectly OK to be a lesbian. 

Today, Love runs the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, which provides over $4 million for constant research towards breast cancer. And with a last name like Love, she's certainly putting TLC into her work.

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