Movie Pick By Film Maker Veronica Kedar

Veronica Kedar

The hottest queer filmmakers Veronica Kedar weigh in on their fave LGBT flicks.

This week, Veronica Kedar, the writer/director and star of JOE + BELLE told our friends at which LGBT film is her fave. Her response:

“I think my favorite is ‘F-ing Amal’ (‘Show Me Love‘) from 1998.

The film is about two high school girls in Sweden who fall in love in the sweetest (or Swedish) way possible.

Instead of a sex scene they make hot chocolate.

And this film made me laugh and cry so hard, it got to a point when I watched it every Friday at the cinema for a few months.

Now when I talk about it, I think I’m gonna go watch it again.

There’s nothing as powerful as young high school love and making a promise through hot chocolate.”