They’re HERE And They’re QUEER!


The first ever 24/7 queer womxn’s TV channel is premiering with our pals at OML on Revry.

Sound the ALARM! This is not a drill! I repeat: This. Is. Not. A. Drill! You’ve read that right. The first of its kind – a twenty-four-hour queer womxn’s television channel is now up and running and I for one cannot contain my excitement!

It’s been a long time coming, folks. OML (formerly One More Lesbian), the infamous YouTube channel for all your queer lady web series and fanvid needs, is now a part of Revry. We all remember and love the platform and representation OML has given us over the years. Established in 2009, OML became a hub for lesbian members of the LGBTQ+ community seeking visual representation in the media and to allow access to hard-to-find content in the same place. Over the past decade OML has surpassed millions of views on YouTube and curates not only lesbian content but shows that are inclusive of all female and gender-expansive viewers.

Revry is the first global LGBTQ+ TV network and has just announced today that they will be adding OML to their FREE channel lineup. This move expands on the company’s early 2020 unveiling of its queer-focused live, multi-channel platform.

“I’m incredibly proud of the brand we’ve built and the relationships we’ve cultivated with the LGBTQ+ community for the last decade,” shares OML founder, Shirin Etessam. “We are thrilled about our partnership with Revry as its multifaceted global platform will allow us to reach a greater audience and to make Femxle-driven LGBTQ+ content accessible to an even broader audience.”

There is never enough queer content out there that one can consume. When we, the LGBTQ+ community, find ourselves basking in the light of a new show or film that has queer representation we tend to hold onto it, remember it, and crave more of it. For so long we’ve lived in the shadows of the hetero-centered shows of decades past, and only recently – perhaps to say in the last 10-15 years – did we see a spike in the right direction toward positive representation that encompasses us all. With this new launch of OML onto Revry, we now have unlimited access to high-quality content in just seconds – for hours and hours on end.

First up on the OML on Revry lineup is my wonderful friend, Marina Rice Bader’s (Ava’s Impossible Things, Anatomy of a Love Seen) Dating in Place – the hysterical “socially distant” new rom com that’s too good to miss! Told through the screens and mobile devices of four young women, the show follows Jo, a hopeful romantic who finds the woman of her dreams–only to discover that her crush lives halfway across the world. Not to shrink from a challenge, Jo connects with her crush online, making plans to meet in Hawaii for their official first date – when 2020 hits.

Dating in Place stars Kari Alison Hodge (Good Kisser, Crazy Bitches), Emily Goss (Season of Love, Snapshots) Mandahla Rose (All About E, August in the City, Forever Not Maybe), and Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera (Good Girls, Girls Like Magic).