Daily Gaydar: Kate McKinnon As Maria Von Trapp

Plus, it’s almost time for season 3 of Girls!

Following Sound of Music Live, Kate McKinnon was on SNL as Maria von Trapp to parody the whole song and dance. We get to see both her talent and her hilarity all jumbled up in one skit that pretty much sums up the whole classic film. [afterellen]

Ellen’s holiday cards this year feature her and Portia astraddle a motorcycle right out of “Bound 2,” the music video for Kanye’s latest hit. That girl can make anything festive. [thestir]

Free Ride, starring Anna Paquin has a thrilling new trailer. The movie comes out Jan 2014. [afterellen]

A new documentary called Girl on Girl will look at stereotypes, interactions that have been less than positive, and representation of lesbians in the media, among other issues. The film has some heavy discussions but also features the lives and stories of women who have come out and have so much Pride. [onemorelesbian]

If you’ve been dying of anticipation, you don’t have much longer to wait for Girls season 3. There’s a new trailer to enjoy that’s almost but maybe not quite safe for work, but still the good old brilliant hilarity we’ve come to expect. The premiere airs 12 Jan. 2014. [autostraddle]


Sekiya Dorsett sat down on Huffington Post’s new interview studio and had a live conversation about her article “A ‘Trifecta of Discrimination’? Queer Women of Color Have a Trifecta of Power!” It’s a powerful talk that should be highlighted, the main goal being to bring visibility to queer women of color. [huffingtonpost]

Arielle Scarcella brings light to lesbian sex in her channel’s most recent video. [huffington]

Oh Honey and Uzo Aduba make the holidays brighter with their perfect new music video and lovely vocals! [youtube]

It’s official; Gal Gadot is the new incarnation of Wonder Woman. Rejoice! [aftterellen]

Into TED talks? Into queer stuff? Check out this round-up that gives you the best of both worlds. Watch one of the videos here! [afterellen]

Legend Toni Braxton wants to play a lesbian on Orange Is The New Black. Yes, please! [huffington]