The Deadliest Chicks In Rock N Roll

Celebrate the deadliest chicks in rock n roll around!

For your pleasure and entertainment we will be showcasing four girl fronted bands – each handpicked for their treacherous specialities…

Witness for yourself the infamous vixens, SHE REX, proficient in the art of disguise and deception, as they blur the lines of rock and hip hop to create a brutal roar; master hypnotists, THE FABERGETTES mesmerizing their mark with dark and cool doo-wop tunes; demolition experts THE DARK HAWKS ploughing down their enemy with their fiery fox of a vocalist, thumping bass and explosive guitar riffs; and finally the queen of seduction herself, LILY SO enticing her prey with nostalgic lyrics and sweet melodies of yesteryear.

Can resist the powers of these femme fatale’s? There’s only one way to find out…

Grab a ticket and treat yourself to Sydney’s one and only all girl rock n roll Halloween spectacular…LADY KILLERS.

But hurry…you wouldn’t want to be late to your own funeral now, would you?


In prehistoric times, the fierce roar of dinosaurs dominated the earth. Fast forward 60 million years, and those Earth-shattering rumbles have evolved. Enter She Rex. The mammoth pound of dirty drums; shrill guitar riffs; the grizzly growl of a heavy bass line and all the swag a Jurrassic She King can spit. The kind of sound that makes rocks roll.


Blending the dirty sound of garage with the vintage twang of the 60’s, The Fabergettes create a doo-wop garage-pop sound worthy of Tarantino’s next grindhouse flick. Think Best Coast meets The Ronnettes with a dash of The Runaways thrown in for good measure. They write and play garage pop songs about some of the important things in life like hairspray, bubble gum and palm trees.


Known for their explosively powerful, riff-driven brand of rock n roll, The Dark Hawks are one band you won’t want to miss. Since bursting onto the music scene, the band has played sold out shows across Sydney and L.A., even headlining the world famous Whiskey A Go Go on the Sunset Strip. This is all while unleashing a lethal cocktail of raw, visceral garage rock upon the masses.

The Dark Hawks – Method To Madness (DEMO) from The Dark Hawks on Vimeo.



Lily So & The Bellows create a sound that is whimsical, fun, haunting and impassioned. Drawing elements from pop, blues and jazz, Lily So & The Bellows create a palette of endearingly-retro sounds that will leave you dreaming of Paris and London.