The Weekend Soiree: A 4-Day Destination Retreat For LGBTQ Womxn Of Color.

A 4-day destination retreat for the unique needs and interests of LGBTQ womxn of color.

Have you heard about The Weekend Soiree? Here’s the lowdown from the organizers themselves on this year’s edition, Bedlam in the Big Easy:

In a global climate where marginalized people are struggling for representation and their civil liberties are under attack, two groups that continue to have the most difficulties being heard and seen are the LGBT community and Womxn of Color. And to find yourself at the cross section of these two groups — as a queer womxn of color, the need for allies and resources are compounded.

Also responsible for the elimination of safe spaces for womxn of color is the gentrification of neighborhoods all across the country that could, at one-time, host events for womxn.

Descending on New Orleans from October 31st – November 3rd, “Bedlam in the Big Easy”  boasts 50 plus activities, 9 signature events and countless surprises. All which were mindfully designed to provide a 360 degree experience that couples daytime workshops that cover a myriad of topics that impact the multidimensional queer womxn with thoughtfully produced evening social experiences.

Some of the workshops include: “Unpacking Religious Baggage”, “Family Planning Panel”, “Letters to our Masculinity” and “The Feminine of Center Experience”.

In addition to the workshops, activities such as: a “Set it Off” Scavenger Hunt, Wellness and Workout Sessions, a group Psychic reading, Tantric Yoga, The “Queerly Wed Game”, a spin off of the Classic TV Show The Newly Wed Game, a “Wicked and Wondrous Comedy Show” and the highly anticipated, “Sinners and Saints Weekender Masquerade Ball” await “Weekenders”. For more information, and to purchase tickets, go to: