The Ultimate NYC Video Contest By Vidpal

Queer women in NYC can submit a video tour guide, giving a tour of their favorite thing to do or their favorite queer place to visit and upload it to

There will be three winners, and they’ll be able to choose from 1 of 3 prizes: two nights at an Adirondacks bed & breakfast, two USA Discovery Passes to Niagara Falls, or one ticket to a Broadway show.

The contest opens Tuesday, May 12 and closes June 31.

Vidpal does four things for the queer female community:

1) Vidpal hosts video tour guides on their website.

People can search for specific places, neighborhoods, districts, cities, or events, anywhere around the world to either plan a trip, get an idea of what other cultures and environments are like in different areas of the world, or to decide what they want to explore in their own city.

You can find video tours guided by queer women for queer women, and get an inside scoop that only locals would know about.

2) People can request videos (at the price they choose to pay), in real time, from anywhere around the world. 

If someone’s traveling to a new country, and they want a video tour of how to get from the airport or bus/train station to their hotel, they can request that video before they arrive.

Someone can request a video on local tips for haggling at marketplaces. A queer woman could request a video on the must-see queer places to visit, eat at, or hostels or hotels to stay at in NYC during NYC Pride.

3) People can fulfill video requests, and make money. 

4) People can upload videos to