EuroGames Stockholm 2015 To Host LGBTQ Ultra Marathon

Grab your running shoes, girls. A 50km queer marathon is set to make history.

The world’s first LGBTQ Ultra Marathon is to be arranged by and Stockholm Marathon Group in partnership with EuroGames Stockholm 2015. The 50 kilometers (31 miles) race will be held on August 8th 2015 and will be the world’s first LGBTQ Ultra Marathon, open to all, regardless of gender expression, sexuality and nationality.

“We are extremely happy that the world’s first ever LGBTQ Ultra Marathon will take place in beautiful Stockholm, home of world famous Stockholm Marathon,” said Jakob Jansson, President of EuroGames Stockholm 2015.

“This will be a run for human rights, gender and sexual equality where anyone regardless of gender, sexuality and nationality will be able to run in run the extra mile in our male, female or gender neutral class. It’s also wonderful that we have a gender-neutral division alongside with the National Swedish Championship.”

EuroGames Stockholm takes place between August 5th – 9th 2015, and is the world’s largest pro LGBT sporting event 2015 with 30 sports, more than 6,000 participants and over 250,000 visitors. EuroGames was founded by the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) in 1992 to combat discrimination, encourage integration, and promote the right to engage in sport, politics and culture—regardless of sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, ethnic origin, political beliefs, or athletic or artistic ability.

EuroGames is held about three times per decade in different European cities. Previous host cities include Barcelona, Paris, London and Antwerp.