hope cuba

Same Sex Family Wins Legal Recognition In Cuba

Cuban families come in many forms, and for the first time in history Cuba’s Civil Registry has issued a birth certificate recognizing two same sex parents. Paulo, son of Dachelys, a Cuban psychologist, and Hope, a US anthropologist, was born in Florida in May 2019…

June 2020
womens maarch

Womens March For Our Human Rights

Women’s March Global’s 2020 title is “March For Our Human Rights” and is focused on bodily autonomy, the right to decide for one’s own body…

January 2020
lgbt cuba

Cuba’s Coming Out

Cuba is certainly a land of dichotomies, and LGBT life there is no different…

November 2018
LGBT2020 - Launch of World's Largest-ever LGBT Market Research Study

The World’s Largest LGBT Market Research Study

A new study about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people has launched and when completed will represent the largest ever global research initiative into the lives of LGBT people…

October 2013