Rain Dove In Short Film ‘The 3rd Try’

Confronting Lesbian Drama Hits Home

An emotionally unstable lesbian couple tries to find solace after experiencing a traumatic loss.

We love hearing about films in the LGBTIQ+ community and yet another powerful title has just been released! Brought to you by Producer Lindsay Carlson and Director Alfonso M. Rodriguez, The 3rd Try is a story about finding oneself, the struggles of love, and the inevitability of loss.

The story surrounds an emotionally unstable lesbian couple trying to find solace after experiencing a traumatic loss.

Recently discharged from the hospital, a distressed Lorie is still at a loss for words. Ryan (Rain Dove), the pillar of their relationship, brings down her defenses in an attempt to console her.

With Lorie on the brink of a complete breakdown, Ryan finally realizes that she too feels helpless. The two agree to embrace this hardship in hopes of moving forward.

This stunning short film addresses the harsh reality so many couples have had to face.

The fundamental ideas of loss and hardship hits home in this film, reminding us that things don’t always go to plan and we can’t always control the devastating curve-balls life throws at us.