Rose & Rosie are here to blow your mind with three epic announcements

Don’t you just love it when they #Overshare?


One of our all time favourite YouTube couples, the utterly hi-larious Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton (aka Rose & Rosie), have revealed not one, not two, but THREE whopping great pieces of news to make your day week life.



1. They’ve only gone and written a gorgeous, juicy, must-read book. Overshare is due out on 4 October and you can pre-order your copy now. Get on it.



2. The busy bees have also made their first ever feature-length documentary. It will show what it means to be LGBT today, explain why the social media revolution doesn’t have to be divisive and, most excitingly of all, spill the beans on some of their best-kept secrets!



3. It's tour time, baby! That's right, Rose & Rosie are planning a UK and Ireland tour this October. Grab your ticket now and you'll get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch a live screening of their documentary and take part in an intimate Q&A and book signing with the women themselves. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 5 June at 10am via



We’re not the only ones who are over the moon about all these amazing revelations.


Rose & Rosie told us:

“We are so excited to go back on tour! Nothing beats meeting our audience in person and being able to share what we're so passionate about with such an incredible online community! It gives us the chance to come to them, it brings people together and every show is unique! But what happens on tour, stays on tour!”


Their fans seem pretty chuffed too.




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