Misty Odell Delivers Her Third Album ‘The Struggle’

Misty Odell Delivers Her Third Album "The Struggle"

No struggling here with this powerful album.

Misty Odell has two previous album releases but its The Struggle, her third album that will put her on the map.  This is a serious album – Odell’s melodies coupled with a strong voice are infectious.

Beginning this journey is the powerful “Hurt for Two” featuring strings on the verses and Odell’s rock anthem voice souring in the chorus. Moving into a hint of electro pop with “Your Body” we too long for that body by the end. However, tt’s the titled track that is the stand out in this already solid album.  Steeped in a rich melody and deep vocal line “The Struggle” slowly builds into an epic anthem or sorts that draws you in and has you tapping your feet instantly.

Changing it up is “Shake” which does just that, it mixes up the pace with an up tempo beat flowing into “Something Better”, which has a minor feel to it as Odell croons her way through. As we progress through the album, so does Odell’s musical journey, “Fight You There” brings the strings into play along with haunting lyrics to create a dramatic mid-point in this album. “Skin to Bone” continues this theme with piano lines and strings accenting the melody perfectly and “Masterpiece” is pretty close to being pop rock gold.  It has a hip beat and rocking chorus that catapults you along.

Odell has had a series of set backs on her journey to get this album out including health issues with numerous back operations and her plight is evident in her music.  Drawing on her experiences it is clear that this album comes from a place of struggle and perseverance to create a piece of work that is full of passion and talent.