Reclaiming The Female Gaze At The Museum of Sex

A new NSFW exhibition in NYC celebrates ways in which online spaces for women support the female body.


If you live in New York and you haven’t been to the Museum of Sex, you are seriously missing out. From hilarious and informative interactive displays (as a lesbian, this author very much enjoyed riding the bemusingly unfamiliar but joyous ‘penis bicycle’), to gorgeous photography series on queer history, to exhibits on sex toys through the years, to a BOOB JUMPING CASTLE, this is a museum unlike any other.



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The latest exhibition being held to tickle our fancy is NSFW Female Gaze. It will showcase over 20 emerging female artists from various disciplines – and most works are previously unseen by the public.


Co-curated by the art and culture publication Creators of VICE Media, the show will open June 21st and will be on view through September this year.  The artists featured in the exhibit present an intersection of identity and life experience as well as genre and process. From Instagram and GIF platforms to textile and photography, the artists each bring a diverse and stimulating approach to sexuality now. 


Koak (Wonder) 2017; Via MoSex


Associate Curator at MoSex, Lissa Rivera, will also be presenting pieces of her own in the show. She explains to Curve, “Women use the internet as a tool for empowerment and have become more inquisitive and open about sexuality. The drive to understand their bodies and desires is now seen as ubiquitous–instead of fringe or a sign of bad character.”


KOAK, “Seagull’s” 2015 (Courtesy of Alter Space, San Francisco)


VICE Creators Editor-In-Chief Marina Garcia-Vasquez says of the show, “Outside of covering the arts on an everyday basis, Creators wanted to support a movement of female artists that we found were impacting our audience in new and invigorating ways, from their visual language to their political messages. Creators, as a platform, is dedicated to emerging genres and diverse voices and we couldn’t help but want to promote these artists on a greater scale with an exhibition at the Museum of Sex.”


NSFW Female Gaze will run at MoSex from June 21, 2017 to September 24, 2017. Grab your girlfriends and get on over there. Fun is guaranteed, as is collective empowerment and solidarity!