Album Review: Unguarded By Siobahn Hotaling

"Unguarded" - Siobahn Hotaling's New Album

New York based singer/songwriter Siobahn Hotaling released her second album, Unguarded.

This 6 track EP is made mostly from the funds of devoted fans through a crowd funding campaign. The first single from this EP, “Heart In Your Hands” is a raw display of Siobahn’s vocals as she shares her heartbreak. “The Way You Are” sends a clear message of acceptance in the face of prejudice.

It is “Out Of My Head” that has actress Allison Mack (Smallville) taking on lead vocals which are eerily reminiscent of a classic sounding Olivia Newton-John.  As we reach the climactic end to this EP, we are presented with the powerful ballad “Back To Our Future”.  It’s piano line and guitar riffs haunt the listener as it introduces Siobahn who manages to glide through the melody building to the chorus – lamenting a return to times when things were simple.

There is something to Siobahn’s sound that breaks through barriers and draws you into her storytelling similar to her musical influences, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt and PJ Harvey. Her songs are seeped in vulnerability, passion and the poignancy of love, making Unguarded a must for all the singer/songwriter fans who crave emotional driven songs.