Into the Wild by LP

Music Review: Into the Wild By LP

With a voice that sounds 50% Tegan Quinn and 50% Patti Smith it’s impressive that LP still manages to sound 100% unique…

September 2020
ST Panther

St. Panther Grooves On New Single

SoCal vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist St. Panther delivers a hypnotic, new record “Highway,” the third single off of her newly announced, forthcoming EP ‘These Days’ to be released this September 2020…

July 2020
BUlgarian Goddess

Bulgarian Goddess

Bulgarian Goddess’ music has a chill sound and tone language of its own, and the closest way to describe it would probably be electronic/symphonic indie-jazz-pop…

April 2020

Frenchie Davis Takes Over

The alum of “American Idol” and “The Voice” is out, on her own, and showing fans who she really is…

September 2010