Inspiring Poet Releases ‘Pipe Dreams’- An Uplifting Video About Seeing Beauty And Finding “God” In Unlikely Places

Rachel Gleason

Rachel Gleason, a dynamic spoken word artist in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has released a powerful and beautiful story of belief and hope during these difficult times with her newest poetry video, “Pipe Dreams.”

Filmed by Eric Zuniga, Gleason tells the story of her first Gay Pride experience and how growing up in a conservative area and religious home can impact self image- something many people in the LGBTQ community struggle with.

“Pipe Dreams” is a powerful poem about seeing the holiness in everyone and everything, including but not limited to queerness and queer history.

This poem can not only be used to show queer folks who were harmed by the church that they are worthy and whole and beautiful no matter their circumstances or how they identify, but can also be used to inspire and uplift anyone who is struggling in the midst of this pandemic.