Our Argentinean Wedding

Getting Married & Getting Away: Newlyweds Sara Everest & Kate McConnell on their Argentine Destination Wedding with Fabulous Weddings!



Buenos dias novias! If ever you’ve dreamed of flying to a foreign land to have a driver awaiting your arrival, sign in hand with your name on it, book a destination wedding! We’re riding high on royal treatment and sunshine today. Fabulous Weddings was at the airport to welcome us as brides to be and get us situated at our hotel. I’m giddy with excitement over what promises to be a very memorable vacation experience. If ever I had reservations about whether or not this was the right approach for our lesbian wedding, meeting our fabulous wedding planner today affirms this was the right move for us.


Laetitia Orsetti (known as Leti) is our travel guide and wedding planner extraordinaire. She got us settled in at the Own Hotel, a modern boutique in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The bar in the lobby with its beautiful rainbow lighting lets us know we don’t have to whisper about our lesbian wedding but the staff has already shown us great hospitality and genuine excitement for us in learning why we’ve come. We’re blocks from Leti’s house and countless bars and restaurants. We know getting around won’t be an issue and we breathe a sigh of relief that we are in good hands with Leti and our English-speaking hotel staff.


After crashing out for a few hours and recouping after a long day of travel we hit the streets for introductory drinks and dinner with Fabulous Weddings.


Having left behind the cold northern United States for the springtime of beautiful Buenos Aires we have effectively turned back time to get Sara the warm weather wedding she has always dreamed of. It’s after eight o’clock and she’s in a t-shirt and skirt, overcome with lovie feelings for me as we sip caipirinhas in an old warehouse turned awesome drinking establishment. We’re chatting casually with Leti, getting to know each other better. I’m loving Sara and my mojito-like cocktail, really appreciating everything I’m hearing about the laid back culture of Buenos Aires. Leti is cool and down to earth and explains the flow of life here that’s apparent in everything, from the way pedestrians navigate intersections (no stop signs, no cross walks) to the reality that no one wears wrist watches and dinner starts at ten o’clock.


Around ten we walked a few blocks to Las Cabras for chorizo, empanadas and clerico. Argentina 101 with Leti has us feeling thrilled to travel, eat and marry here. The opportunity to fast track difficult and timely wedding planning and bask in the adventures of travel feels really good and I know I’ll sleep well tonight.


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