NYC’s Biggest Queer Dance Parties

Hot Rabbit is the apex of queer nightlife in NYC.


New York, NY: The trains are delayed, cabs and bicyclist are playing bumper cars, bodegas are hectic, tourists walk slow; locals walk around them, lines start to form, and the streets are glowing with people. Welcome to the city that never sleeps.


In 2011, Emily wanted to add to the city nightlife; a weekly LGBTQ party. “I think that creating spaces that feel inclusive for queer women and also for a diverse cross-section of the LGBTQ community is important”.  Overtime that creation has grown into the apex of queer nightlife in NYC. 


“I wanted to create a safe place for LGBTQ folks to let loose, to dance, drink, meet friends and lovers, and have a whole lot of fun. For more than a decade I’ve been focused on creating the spaces I would have wanted to experience as someone coming out and as someone comfortably out.”


Hot Rabbit hosts LGBTQ events every week with hundreds of performers and DJs from New York and all over the world. You'll never find the same lineup twice. Every week features a variety of high-energy, positive, dance, music and performance styles.


Winner of many Nightlife Awards, Hot Rabbit has been named "Best in Gay Nightlife" by the New York Times, Gothamist, HuffPo, Autostraddle, NY Magazine, TimeOut NY, NBC Out, and more!


“I want you all to know that no matter the political climate or cultural moment we find ourselves in, we are all in this together. And we need to work every day to build each other up and to extend as much love as we can to one another. Hot Rabbit has always been for EVERYONE, and is about joy and celebration and togetherness, and that’s what we need right now more than ever. See you bunnies on the dance floor!”


To check out NYC weekly LGBTQ parties head over to or check Hot Rabbit out on Instagram and Facebook.