the gener book

The Gender Book

the GENDER book A gender 101 for everyone Follow the adventures of Boston’s personal gender exploration in the GENDER book, a colorful, all-ages visual primer on the world of gender…

September 2020
Lola Flesh

Lived Experience: Reflections On LGBTQ Life By Delphine Diall

In the latest volume of this groundbreaking series of photobooks on LGBTQ communities around the world — from Russia to Mexico to Japan — photographer and visual artist Delphine Diallo trains her lens on the lives of LGBTQ people in America over the age of fifty…

June 2020

Headcase By Stephanie Schroeder

Headcase is a groundbreaking collection of personal reflections and artistic representations illustrating the intersection of mental wellness, mental illness, and LGBTQ identity, as well as the lasting impact of historical views equating queer and trans identity with mental illness…

October 2019
The Stonewall Horoscope

Stonewall: The Horoscope

There are some events that change the course of history. Some believe that it can even be predicted by consulting the horoscope of that time and place…

January 2019