Breaking The Moon

Amy Steinberg

Treating teen suicide with tunes.

In Charlotte, North Carolina this month, a brand new original rock musical put on by conscious lesbian musician Amy Steinberg addresses the issue of teen suicide brilliantly.

Every year 50,000 teenagers try to commit suicide. About one thousand of these teens, succeed. These are the facts.

At the heart and core of every human lie the challenges faced in youth. By the time one reaches teenage-hood the psyche is already stacked high, burdened with all the influences and impressions of childhood, now coupled with an influx of foreign hormones.

Unbeknownst to the growing teen, these hormones will transform their bodies into adult status and elevate their mental capacity to be able to handle an ever-increasingly broad and deep interface with wisdom, insights and revelation. Battling nearly a decade of intense physiological, physical, emotional and psychological change can feel like “too far over the breaking point” for many teens, especially when coupled with gender identification and sexual preferences.

Award-winning conscious musician extraordinaire, and LBGT-proud Amy Steinberg, addresses the issues of teen struggle and attempted suicide brilliantly with her dynamic and bold brand-new Original Rock Musical Breaking the Moon.

After singing her heart out to the conscious music scene through nine incredible albums, Steinberg has shown herself worthy, willing and able to take on the very real and important scene of teenage suicide. Steinberg is queen of conscious fresh lyrics and cutting edge tones on love, break-up, personal power and enlightenment, and Breaking the Moon only more deeply reveals her mastery of music,  understanding of the struggles of adolescence and care for the wounds of humanity.

Written, directed and produced by Amy Steinberg, Breaking the Moon is a timely, bold and profound look into the very real issues of suicide and other self-destructive behavior.

The scene is told through the eyes and stories of seven teenagers in a treatment center, including one who is struggling with being gay, as they resist, battle, and then finally help one another through the process of release, acceptance and healing.

Steinberg’s music is at times dark and riveting, depicting of the “underworld” one who grapples with ideas of suicide must inevitably walk through to find self-love and ultimate healing. By placing the process into the hands of peers, without adult mentors, Steinberg’s message speaks directly to her audience in a way that empowers them to find inner authority, confident change and shows teens, by way of song and engagement with truths, that the answers always lie within.

Opening in Charlotte, North Carolina, March 11-13th, Breaking the Moon is breaking the mold in conscious treatment modalities as Steinberg moves the real work of teen empowerment and healing to the stage. Where so often musicals have a way of “lightening” the mood, Steinberg’s piece is power packed with magical transformation tools. Breaking the Moon reaches right into the heart to inspire greatness and possibility through validating the pain of those struggling with suicide. Steinberg’s brilliant musical is calling on teens to burst through the seams of doubt with messages of self-love, empowerment and the ultimate awareness that they are never alone.

If Amy Steinberg has remained a mystery to many, her new Original Rock Musical Breaking the Moon is no-doubt breaking the ceiling and sure to find the world turning ears in her direction. Her brilliant approach on how to address  teen suicide, inside the creative arms of an empowering musical, makes inspiration this woman’s forte’ and consciousness, her language.

Breaking the Moon has a pull for healing on the sea of teenage hearts primed for empowerment. This woman deserves national thanks for taking on such a sensitive and intense subject with grace, understanding and mastery.

BREAKING THE MOON – Premieres at Upstage NoDa in Charlotte, NC, March 11-13, 2016 @ 8pm