New Orleans Dyke Bar History Musical Seeks Funding

What happened to all the dyke bars?

When the last lesbian bar closed in New Orleans in 2012 many wondered: What happened to all the dyke bars?

Alleged Lesbian Activities is the dyke bar musical based on stories from lesbian elders of the people who came of age in the thriving New Orleans dyke bar scene of the 70s and 80s.

This denim-clad, glitter-crusted power ballad performance tells the vanishing history of New Orleans dyke bars.

The performance is set in a sticky-floored dyke bar, with performers sipping cocktails from bedazzled glassware, singing original songs, vamping in drag, and re-enacting the stories described through the oral history interviews.

The performance is at once vivaciously sexy, riotously funny, and heart-wrenchingly brutal, representing a complexity of experience much like the bars themselves.

The musical will premiere this September and a Kickstarter has been launched to help raise the final funds needed to bring this project to life.