Angel Fire By Gerri Hill

Gerri Hill's "Angel Fire"

A crossover between the Hunter and Devil’s Rock series that will delight. A great action adventure and a good solid read.

Gerri Hill has taken the Hunter series (Hunters Way, In the Name of the Father, Partners) and added in Sullivan and Ross from Devils Rock and Hell’s Highway. What could possibly go wrong? Well apart from the fact that once again it is poor Sam who is abducted and Tori is fit to be tied, putting Tori Hunter and Cameron Ross in the same state seems like an incendiary idea.

Sure enough Hunter and Ross are so alike they hate each other on sight. Both used to being top dog, both used to doing things their own way, it is only the calming influence of Andrea Sullivan that gets them through the hunt for ex-special-ops sniper Angel.

The combination of characters, couples and skills is a great fun read and Gerri Hill fans will be overjoyed. At the same time it works as a stand alone, and late-comers should not be put off if they haven’t read the series, though they will no doubt want to correct their mistake within the first few pages.

This is a great action adventure. A humorous poke at butch fire lighting skills leads to a horrendous scene of carnage, a chase across the New Mexico mountains and from there to murder and mayhem as Angel leads our heroines, and the local PD, on a dance of death. More twists and turns than Houdini will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Gerri Hill writes good books.  The plots are solid and well planned. The characters have depth and integrity. The relationships are realistic and recognizable. These are women we would like to know and, while she does specialize in the tough stand-offish butch being softened by the more womanly femme, Ms Hill finds enough variety of type and situation to keep us interested.

Combining the Hunter and Devils Rock series leads to all sorts of possibilities for the future and will keep her many fans clamoring for more. Whether combined or separate Gerri Hill will no doubt keep us entertained whatever she comes up with next.

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