Thorn by Anna Burke - Book Review

Thorn By Anna Burke

Thorn is a lesbian feminist fairy-tale with a vengeance, highlighting the power and vulnerability of women, the expectations of society and the literal battles, both emotional and physical, that women fight to be themselves…

September 2020
Beowulf For Cretins Review - Ann McMan

Beowulf For Cretins By Ann McMan

Beowulf for Cretins is not a laugh out loud comedy, more a comedy of errors; producing a constant deep-belly rumble with occasional eruptions of uncontrollable chuckles…

October 2018
Review: Compass Rose By Anna Burke

Compass Rose By Anna Burke

Set in 2513 this dystopian fantasy, in the lesbian pirate sub-genre, was hard to put down…

September 2018
Lee Lynch

Rainbow Gap By Lee Lynch

Lee Lynch has constructed a story that creates a movie style landscape in your mind…

January 2017
"Undone" - E.M. Hodge

Undone By E.M. Hodge

If you love women you cannot help but engage with the passion and fall in love with the words…

October 2015

Relatively Rainey By R. E. Bradshaw

R. E. Bradshaw has created another amazing rollercoaster ride for the Bell family as they become entangled in multiple murder hunts…

July 2015