Gender Free World Elevates Slow Fashion

Gender Free World Elevates Slow Fashion
Gender Free World Elevates Slow Fashion

Gender Free World has launched the world’s first dedicated brand led pre-loved buy and sell group.

Brighton based start-up Gender Free World (GFW), continues to disrupt fashion industry standard practice by launching a ‘pre-loved’ clothing service as part of its commitment to slow fashion. The world’s first dedicated brand led pre-loved buy and sell group.

Now entering its fourth year, GFW is on a mission to dispel the outdated tradition of clothing separated by gender identity by providing clothing for individuals regardless of their sex but still designed to fit their body.

Bucking the trend of getting their clothing made overseas with a pile ‘em high sell them quick ethos, GFW clothing is a mid range priced brand with shirts made in the UK. It has loyal following and is ‘community led’. As such, when encountering customers in the field (literally in some cases) they know that people are losing or gaining weight and lamenting the fact that they no longer fit in to their favourite animal print shirt

Co-founder Lisa Honan explains “We have launched a facebook group which allows members to buy and sell their pre-loved GFW shirts. We know that sometimes our customers have change size and for some a GFW Shirt is a considered purchase financially because it is made in the UK. The pre-loved group means that you can purchase GFW shirts at significant reduction on their new price.

We are not making any money for this service but as we know our clothing is built to last we want everyone to get the most out of them. People are listing their shirts regularly and it often doesn’t take more than a day or two to make a sale. And from an environmental perspective, buying used and not new, wherever possible, is always better.”

GFW Clothing have quadrupled in size in three years and described as a ‘challenger brand’ by Pragma, a management consultant company who have advised JD Sports, Kath Kidson and Dreams amongst many others.

This is how they describe GFW Clothing positioning and future

“Therefore, it may be the case that the challenger brands for whom unisex is a core brand essence today are tomorrow’s major contenders. Try Lane FortyfiveBethnals or GFW Clothing for size – all are UK based, accessibly priced, and styled well within the comfort zone of mainstream consumers”

Celebrity fans include Jack Monroe, Fatboy Slim and Zoe Lyons. Gender fluid campaigner and columnist Jack Monroe, owns a Penguin shirt in ‘Charlie’ cut.

Discussing the inherent issues of shopping on the high street for someone who identifies as trans, queer or gender fluid, Jack added: “I know shopping outside of the gender binary can be a frickin’ nightmare so when I find something this good [GFW’s shirt] I wanna tell you.”

Brighton-based LGBT comedian Zoe Lyons was also enthusiastic about her black GFW shirt.

Zoe explained: At last, someone who understands the market which doesn’t want to squeeze itself into a gender-specific style. I can now stop having to look in both sections to find something I like. It will be a shirt for life!

Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim regularly DJ’s in his Bee print shirt and simply says  “People always come up to me saying ‘where do you get your cool shirts from? And now I say – gender free world”

The world is slowly waking up to the fact that not everybody feels comfortable being identified with society’s social constructs surrounding gender so GFW are set to meet this demand for the large group of people who are offered a very limited range of clothing by major high street clothing brands. GFW are passionate about a world where people’s choices are not restricted by their gender, increasing personal choices and changing social conventions but they don’t believe that the discussion is as confusing as some people would have you think.

Lisa explained: “At Gender Free World we’re not trying to tell people what they should call themselves or which box they should tick, we’re just trying to ensure that stylish, fashionable clothes are available to buy for everyone regardless of their gender, sexuality or body type. We’re keeping it simple. We are not saying we want a world without gender only that it is unfair that gender or sexuality can limit and restrict your choices which is why we’ve created our gender neutral fashion range.”